Sneak Peek

Sneak peak into CHAPTER 6

Havanese in a topknot twist

Havanese are long haired with a profuse coat all over the body as well as an abundance of hair on the head. They often look to be unruly little mop-tops. Traditionally, in Cuba, the head hair was never cut or fastened in any way as it was believed to protect the eyes from the harsh tropical sun. The head fall of a Havanese is beautiful and can certainly be left loose. Many owners, however, prefer to fasten the head fall in some way for ease of maintenance and daily wear. Fastening the hair on top of the head is a personal choice for everyday maintenance. It may help to keep the hair out of the eyes, mouth and food dish, let your Havanese see clearly and also let you see the lovely eyes and expression. There are many different styles you can choose from for fastening the hair, ranging from plain and simple, to intricate, to embellished with accessories.

Have you ever admired a topknot twist on a Havanese and wished you knew how it was done. Wonder no more. From Nose to tail can show you the secret to this style and many more; 14 pages of tips, techniques and photos outlining different topknot styles, as well as bang options for pets. Over 25 head hair solutions in all.

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