Reviews of the Havanese Fanciers of Canada grooming handbook “From Nose to Tail”:

I am amazed at the detail and professionalism that went into the book. An outstanding job was done and it will be a long time coming before anything else matches up to this one. Very well done!
Heather Warnock (groomer/breeder/owner)


I just wanted to say it is an exceptional book!! I am so glad I came across it - I've been grooming for over ten years. I attend workshops and have tons of DVDs and books on grooming - but this book clarified and taught me a few things I didn't know. So glad I ordered it. Thank you!!
DT (Canada)


I would have given an eye tooth for a book like this when I got my first Havanese. But even after 4 years and being a groomer, I still learned a few tricks and I am sure will be going back to this book periodically to refresh my memory.
Françoise Bellehumeur (groomer/breeder/owner)


This book is definitely a "must Hav". The name basically says it all, showing how to properly groom a Havanese be it for show or pet from nose to tail. Another great aspect of the book is that it includes step by step illustrations on several grooming techniques. It also has a fun and funky topknot section that shows some pretty unique ideas. A lot of time has been spent on making this book and I truly believe it's one of a kind in the Havanese world.
Penny Will (breeder/owner)