Message from the Havanese Fanciers of Canada and the Authors

From Nose to Tail, Havanese Gooming Handbook - Front Cover

Among new and not so new Havanese owners, "Grooming" is one of the most common topics for questions. No one single person is an authority on every aspect of grooming; but, if you get many people, each contributing their great tips, tried and true techniques, and innovative ways to make things easier, you end up with a phenomenal wealth of information on many topics. Put those all together and you get FROM NOSE TO TAIL. Let us help you keep your Havanese looking great.

Not a Havanese? We still have you covered. From Nose to Tail is suitable for all drop-coated or long haired breeds. Our tips and techniques will help you succeed in maintaining a beautiful long or short coat, regardless of your breed.

New for Spring 2015 - Now in COLOUR!